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Haunted Deck - Italy


Haunted Deck

A Spooky and Unusual Effect!

‚ÄčThe Cards Seem to Move by Some Strange Force to Locate the Selected Cards!

Choose three cards, put them back in the deck and place the deck on the palm of your hand. Concentrate, and after a minute you will find the three cards in an unusual way. Indeed, a mysterious force will move the deck in three different directions and three cards will come out of it. Of course they will be the three chosen cards! The deck is Bridge size.

This is a great effect to use especially around Halloween but also for this performances where you really want to "Blow their Socks off" ...

Pro Tip: We suggest adding a couple of other effects before or after the Haunted Deck routine to add even more amazment!  Our suggested routines are: Hyrum the Haunted Hanky and The Spooky Crystal both effects can be found elsewhere on this website.

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