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The Penny Paddle Trick

  • A Paddle with Penny, changes sizes, vanishes & into Jumbo Penny!
  • Other Routines are possible with these props.
  • Complete with all necessary props & Instructions

The Mystery Penny Paddle Trick

A Paddle with a tiny Penny on each side, changes to regular size, vanishes & then for the final turns into a Jumbo Penny

This cute, quick trick will interest all magicians who do paddle tricks. Ideal to carry in a convenient pocket for use at any time. A small plastic paddle is shown with a tiny penny on each side. This penny visibly grows to normal size. Both sides of the paddle are seen to have normal size pennies. Then the performers removes the normal penny from the paddle and drops it into a spectator’s open palm. THE PENNY SEEMS TO GROW TO GIANT SIZE! When it lands in the spectator’s palm it is a jumbo penny-the size of a half dollar!!! Comes complete with instructions and all necessary coins.

SKILL LEVEL-Basic - suitable for ages 10 to adult.

A Magic Methods Product

Tags Penny Paddle
Media Type Shipped Product

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