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Hot Rod Regular size in Clear by Miller

  • Made In The USA!
  • Easy to Do
  • A Classic Magic Effect!
  • Skill Level: Basic

The Hot Rod Trick

Regular - Clear Version

Mfg. in the USA  by Jack Miller Enterprise

There have been many tricks with plastic sticks set with gems on the magic market, but this one has always been the best.

Effect: A Clear plastic stick is shown with Six different colored gems embedded on it. The spectator makes a selection of one of the colored gems and Presto! The performer changes all the gems on both sides of the rod to the color of the selected gem!  A better twist on the old paddle trick. It's a real dazzler!

Perfect for the beginning magician or a nicely made replacement for the professional performer. We also have Black regular size and Jumbo size Rods available, as well as other Hot Rod style effects, check elsewhere on this site.

This model is Made In The USA!

Skill Level: Basic

Tags Hot Rod
Media Type Shipped Product

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