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One Cup and Coin Routine

  • We Have Less Than A Dozen Left!
  • A Great Coin Routine!
  • Similar to a Chop Cup But Uses A Half Dollar Coin instead of Balls, Makes More Sense!
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advance

One Cup and Coins Routine

with Detailed Instructional Booklet 

Direct from Jerry Mentzer’s Lecture

The magical production of money is always popular with audiences, and this routine is a close-up knockout! Half dollars are magically produced one at a time beneath a small aluminum cup (which can be repeatedly shown empty) until three coins have been produced! Then the coins vanish one at a time from the performer¹s hand and appear back beneath the coin cup! (A simpler “low skill” method, requiring only a finger palm, is also included in which the coins apparently travel from the performer’s pocket and appear back beneath the coin cup. The advantage of the “low skill” method is that it makes easy a climax for the routine in which a jumbo three-inch half dollar is apparently knocked out of the cup!) A great routine that can be performed nearly anywhere.  The cup is beautifully made and works perfectly!

Sold with the precision-manufactured Cup, One gimmicked half dollar coin and a protective carry bag, Three regular extra half-dollar coins with matching dates are also included.

NOTE: Each purchaser also receives a copy of The One Cup & Coins Instruction Booklet reprinted from Jerry Mentzer's  Another Close-Up Cavalcade book.

Instruction Booklet Contents Include;

  • One Cup and Coins (Jerry Mentzer & John Murray): Suitable for sitting or standing. Three half dollars are produced, then transfer from hand to cup.
  • Phase One: Production of the Coins
  • Phase Two: Sleight of Hand Version. There are two Phase II approaches, one more intense than the other.
  • Phase Two: Simple Version
  • Added Notes: ideas for a climax

 One Cup & Coins Instruction Booklet Written by Jerry Mentzer 
©1994 Jerry Mentzer, 

11 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5"  by 8.5", 11 pages.

No Longer Manufactured -----  Very Limited Quantiles Still Available

Don't Delay Order Now!

SKILL LEVEL- Intermediate to Advance

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