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Sponge Rabbits Trick with Book

Only 2 left!
  • Easy Magic You Can Do!
  • The Classic Multiplying Bunnies!
  • Includes Booklet of Instructions!

The Classic

Sponge Rabbit Trick

with The Booklet "25 Tips & Tricks with Sponge Rabbits "

Written by Roman LePree and Published by Trick Master

This Kit includes 12 red sponge Rabbits and the booklet. The How To Booklet of instructions explains sleight-of-hand techniques as well as No Skill required Routines to perform with the sponge bunnies!

The Magic Happens in the Spectator's Hands!

The Basic Effect: The magician places a red sponge rabbit in the spectators hand. Quick as a wink, the rabbit splits and becomes two.Both rabbits are now placed in the spectator's hand. When the spectator opens their hand again, they find the rabbits have magically multiplied right in their closed fist! That is just One of the effects you can perform with Sponge Rabbits.

Inside the included Book you'll learn 25 Tips & Tricks to use with your  dozen Sponge Rabbits Including:

  • The Basic Finger Palm Vanish!
  • Easy Sponge Rabbit Routine!
  • Mike Abston's "No Move" Sponge Rabbit Routine!
  • Flight Through Space!
  • The Thumb and Finger Palm Techniques!
  • The False Take!
  • The French Drop, Pinch and Push Vanishes!
  • The Continuous Sponge Rabbit Production!
  • Purse Frame Production (frame sold separately)
  • And Much More!

Skill level: beginner. Suitable for ages 7 to adult.


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Only 2 left!