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History of Magic Methods

Magic Methods was founded in 1969 by Mr. Alfred "Jerry" Mentzer in Ohio. Jerry transferred to Greenville, SC in the early 1970's to continue his career as a mechanical engineer with the Union Carbide Corporation. The Magic Methods business was acquired by Eddy Wade in 2014 and moved from it's Greenville, SC location to its current home of Mount Holly, NC in 2016. 

Jerry Mentzer was Eddy's friend & mentor during Eddy's formidable years in the Art of Magic. Jerry taught Eddy many of the routines and effects he still performs today. To give Eddy a way to earn a bit of spending money, during his young years of growing up, Jerry allowed Eddy to help manufacture and package many of the effects Magic Methods sold through (in the 1970's & the '80's) an actual printed catalog. Each summer, Eddy attended several annual magic conventions with Jerry, helping him set-up the dealer display and demonstrating the items for sale. 

We have been providing magicians with outstanding products and top notch customer service for over 48 years now. Whether you are an amateur, professional performer or a life-long magic enthusiast, we have something to offer you.

Our product line ranges from the most recent developments in magic apparatus, props, and books to the tried and true classic effects. Please feel free to browse our online offerings and sign up for our occasional newsletter.

Magic Methods operates primarily as a mail order company. In addition to mail order, we also display at a limited number or magic gatherings & conventions.  Our main focus is publishing our book titles, manufacturing the many tricks invented by Mr. Mentzer and those he acquired rights and permissions to distribute. Magic Methods also carries a small inventory of good magic from other manufacturers and inventors.

A list of books authored by Jerry Mentzer.  Listed by the Year the book was First published

For a more complete description of the contents of the book Or to place an order for one of the titles,visit our website at - Note some titles may be temporarily out of print.

1972 Card Cavalcade 1
1973 Multiple Push Through Control
1973 Master Ball and Silk Manipulation
1973 Close-up Cavalcade - OOP
1974 Magician Nightly - The Magic of Eddie Fechter - OOP
1974 Card Cavalcade 2 - OOP
1975 Cards and Cases
1975 Super Cents
1975 Close-up Cues
1975 Club Cues
1975 Another Close-up Cavalcade - OOP
1975 New and Novel Knowledge
1975 Card Cavalcade 3 - OOP
1976 How To Do The Dancing Cane

1976 The Magic of Paul Harris - By Jerry Mentzer - OOP
1977 Cuts, Counts, Moves and Subtilely
1977 Close-up Cavalcade Finale
1977 Card Cavalcade Four - OOP
1979 Card Cavalcade Finale
1980 Second Lecture Notes
1981 Basic Skill With Cards
1982 Forcing A Card
1982 Packet Tricks
1982 Silk Potpourri
1983 Lecture Three
1984 On the Corner Short 
1984 Magic With Finger Rings
1984 Effective Cups and Balls
1986 Climax Coins
1987 Simple Yet Effective Tricks With Cards
1988 Magic With A Copper Silver Coin
1991 Card to Wallet - The Book - OOP
1992 Magic With Credit Cards
1993 Fechter - OOP
1993 Card File
1994 Close-up File
2000 Card File Two

OOP= "Out of Print"

A List of Magically Entertaining Effects Created by Jerry Mentzer and still produced by Magic Methods. 

6+9=15 Paddle Trick


Divination Mental Die

Improved Kavorting Kords 

Marked Cards Routine

Midget Sextet  Card

Mini Maxi Miracle Cards

Pick A Drink Routine

Prediction Unlimited Wallet 

Sherlock’s Hold Out

The Big Bet

Triple Coverage Magic Insurance Policy

Twist 2000

Ultimate English Three Card Monte

Util-O-Silks Device

Ultimate Salt Routine

For complete descriptions of the effects listed or to place an order for them, see our website description pages. If the item is not listed yet, contact us we probably have it.

A list of books published by Magic Methods, but written by others:

Listed by the Year First published

1974 Fechter’s Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians - Jerry Mentzer
1975 Bennett’s Best - By Horace Bennett
1976 The Magic of Paul Harris - By Jerry Mentzer - OOP
1976 On Your Feet - By Horace Bennett -  OOP
1981 Bennett’s Fourth Book - By HoraceBennett
1981 Downs Palm Technique - By HoraceBennett
1982 Tricky Stuff - By Roger Sherman
1982 Close-up With Cards - By Ken Simmons
1982 Intermediate and Advanced Coin Technique - By Rubinstein - OOP
1982 Cards With a Different Touch - By Ken Simmons
1983 Magic Afoot - By Horace Bennett
1983 Alternative Handlings - By Horace Bennett
1984 Card News - By Christin Scherer
1984 Familiar Themes - By Horace Bennett
1985 Close-up of The Damned - By Richard Bartram, Jr.
1986 The Bennett Touch - By Horace Bennett
1989 21 Himber Wallet Routines By Ken Baker
1991 The Jiggle Pass - By Taylor & Elias
1993 Mystification - By Richard Bartram, Jr.
1995 The Magic Of John Riggs - By John Riggs
1996 Magic from the Ambient Domain - By John Riggs
1997 Trephine - By Richard Bartram, Jr.
OOP = "Out of Print"

A List of Major Effects & Routines Produced By Magic Methods for other Inventors.

By Paul Harris

Solid Deception 

Super Swindle

Paul Harris Vanishing Deck

By Tom Mullica

The Mullica Wallet Routine

The Mullica Pad - A Close-up Mat made of the same material as used by Tom during his Tom Foolery Magic Bar years.

By Larry Becker
Hypnotic Ten Card Poker Deal

By Richard Bartram

Pasteboard Impalement

By Horace Bennett

Showoff Rope Routine

By David Hemingway

Travel Trouble

By Jim Lee
The Karate Kard

By Joe Riding
The Irish Three Card Trick

By Rick Johnson

Strike One

Sew What

Die Penetration


By Duke Stern

$7. Trick