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About Us

Magic Methods was founded in Ohio in 1969 by Mr. Jerry Mentzer. Jerry transferred to Greenville, SC in the early 1970's to continue his career as a mechanical engineer with Union Carbide. The Magic Methods business was acquired by Eddy Wade in 2014 and moved from it's Greenville, SC location to it's current home of Belmont, NC in 2016. 

Jerry Mentzer was Eddy's friend & mentor during Eddy's formidable years in the Art of Magic. Jerry taught Eddy many of the routines and effects he still performs today. To give Eddy a way to earn a bit of spending money, during his young years of growing up, Jerry allowed Eddy to help manufactoure and package many of the effects Magic Methods sold through (in the 1970's & '80's) an actual printed catalog. Each summer, Eddy attended several annual magic conventions with Jerry, helping him set-up the dealer display and demonstrating the items for sale. 

We have been providing magicians with outstanding products and top notch customer service for over 48 years now. Whether you are an amateur, professional performer or a life-long magic enthusiast, we have something to offer you.

Our product line ranges from the most recent developments in magic apparatus, props and books to the tried and true classic effects. Please feel free to browse our on-line offerings and sign up for our occasional newsletter.

Magic Methods operates primarily as a mail order company. In addition to mail order we also display at a limited number or magic gatherings & conventions.  Our main focus is publishing our book titles, manufacturing the many tricks invented by Mr. Mentzer and those he acquired  rights and permissions to distribute. Magic Methods also carries a small inventory of good magic from other manufacturers and inventors.

We now have a display showroom that you may schedule an appointment to visit us and see our line of magic books and products. We maintain a warehouse, where we inventory all the item on this website. You are most welcome to pay us a visit whenever you're in the area. To be able to visit, you'll first need an appointment. Please call (704-756-5321) or e-mail ( to set-up a suitable time and get directions.  Our warehouse  & showroom are located in Mount Holly, NC 28120.


History of Magic Methods