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We Are Open!! Make An Appointment to Visit Us!

As of June 1, 2020, we are open to visitors with an advanced appointment. Making an appointment is easy, just send an e-mail to Or call 704-827-1135 (during the business hours of 10 am-6 pm) and pick a date and time for your showroom visit. This appointment method allows us to limit the number of persons in the showroom for social distancing. This also allows us to give you our undivided attention without waiting on or socializing with other customers. In addition, if you purchase a magic trick and need hands-on instruction, by you (or your group) being the only visitor(s) in our showroom we can freely expose the magic secret methods to you without fear of others watching. PLUS we are often asked by customers if they can videotape our demonstrations so they can watch and learn following their visit. The simple answer is Yes, with a few restrictions, so please ask us first.

Many times we are out of the office either performing a Live Show, Attending a Magician's Convention, Teaching a Magic Class, Workshop, Magic Camp, etc. and are unable to meet with you for a showroom visit or tour on the date & time you require, if this happens we invite you to visit the website and send us your questions via e-mail until we can schedule a date suitable for us both.

We greatly value your time please have the courtesy to return the favor, If after making an appointment you find your plans have changed please contact us to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Much like any other business that works through appointments, we block the specific time to allow us to help you with your shopping experience. You are under no obligation to purchase anything during your visit with us and we don't believe in "hard pressure" sales tactics. We're happy to demonstrate the items available and answer your questions as best we can.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Magic Methods Showroom located at 714 Westland Farm Road in Mount Holly, North Carolina.