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Deluxe Card Wallet - For Organizationing Carrying Packet Tricks

  • For Organizing & Carrying Packet Tricks
  • Holds Bridge Size Playing Cards

Deluxe Card Wallet

Just the thing for the close up performer! An attractive pocket wallet that permits you to carry many different card tricks all set for performance!! All your favorite packet tricks can be carried, each one neatly nestled in one of the eighteen see-thru plastic pockets. Or, IF YOU DO A LOT OF TABLE HOPPING WORK, you can carry multiple set ups of a single effect and not have to reset. Each transparent pocket of the wallet will accommodate a packet of bridge size cards.

NOTE: PACKETS OF POKER SIZE CARDS NO LONGER FIT THE TRANSPARENT POCKETS (DUE TO A MINOR CHANGE BY THE MANUFACTURER). But poker-size packets can be carried in the two vertical pockets at the front of the wallet.


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