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DVD Charlie Miller GMVL Vol.17

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  • DVD Video

DVD - Charlie Miller

Vol. #17 of the Greater Magic Video Library Series

Now on DVD! His trademark is a simple repetition of his name-Charlie Miller...Charlie Miller...Charlie Miller. But those two words conjure an image of a man who's far from simple. He's known for clever close-up, stand-up and stage magic. Also for his role as author, lecturer, and inspirator. Confidant to Dai Vernon and The Great Tomsoni (Johnny Thompson)

Charlie's devoted his life to enhancing the magic profession.

Some of his "Magical Classics" are

  • Ring and Rope 

  • Malini's Knives 

  • Dissolving Knots

  • A Card Trick

  • Torn & Restored Card

Performances Only of:

  • Rice Bowls
  • Miser's Bowl
  • Chinese Sticks

Details: DVD Video media.

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