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Jumbo Marked Cards

  • A Jumbo Card Trick You Can Do On Stage!

Jumbo Marked Cards

This is a marvelous magic trick! Simple to do for the average magician familiar with cards, topical due to the subject matter, and very entertaining! Jumbo Marked Cards can be performed for groups large or small, or for a single spectator close-up. Both the size of the cards and the topic, "Marked Cards" demand attention.

In an attempt to enlighten his viewers, the performer tries to show them the markings on one of Four Jumbo cards. The spectators repeatedly fail to identify the marked card.

In an attempt to "make it easier" the performer explains that the single Red card of the Four is marked with a pair of small "X's" near the corners. Still, the spectators do not see the marks! Finally, the performer turns three cards face down n the table-all have unmarked Blue backs. The single Red Card is turned over with its back to the audience-it has a bright Red back and is marked with two bold black "X's"!! And all can be examined if necessary. You'll love performing it!

 This trick is made with the old style, thicker version Bicycle Jumbo Cards.

Skill Level: Must have some knowledge of playing card techniques

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