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Marked Cards Packet Trick

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Marked Cards! 

By Jerry Mentzer

A Fun Packet Trick!!

Topical magic which will amaze and amuse your audience! Everyone has heard of "Marked Playing Cards" you offer to demonstrate. Four blue backed playing cards are shown. They are Two black deuces and Two red eights. You tell the audience that two of the cards are marked. They then guess whether the eights or the deuces are the marked cards. Whichever they say, those two cards are turned backs up to reveal large black "X's" for marks-AND the backs are Red! The two remaining cards are turned face up, and they are now FACE CARDS!!

MARKED CARDS is an effect you'll want to carry in your wallet for use at a moment's notice whenever you have an audience.

Details: Supplied with the necessary bridge size, Aviator back cards and complete instructions

Skill Level: Basic

No Sleight of hand or card sleights required to perform.


A Magic Methods Product

Tags Marked Cards
Media Type Shipped Product

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