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VHS - Magician's Card Tricks Instructional Video

  • This is a VHS Videotape!
  • Close-out Special!
  • Magic Collectors Box!

Marshall Brodien 

"Magic Is Easy Once You Know The Secret"


The Magician's Card Tricks Instructional Video

Learn How To Do 16 Amazing Card Tricks!

Marshall Brodien will teache you step-by-step the moves and secrets of 16 amazing card tricks with The Magician's Card Deck. Pus many of his professional tips and techniques! 

Learn How To:

  • Instantly Change One Card to Another!
  • Always Cut The Deck to Reveal a Selected Card!
  • Find Selected Cards Using Your Sense of Touch!
  • Make All The Cards Appear the Same!

For Ages 8 and up. Made in the USA in 1994

Special Note: For those not in the know. The "Magician's Card Deck" is another name for a "Svengali" Deck, which we sell elsewhere on this site with various card back patterns.

This is a VHS Videotape if you still own a machine to view it or a way to convert to digital then this is a bargain! It's likely the Box alone will become a magic collectible

Media Type Shipped Product

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