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Svengali Deck - Imperial Cards

  • A Classic Trick Deck!
  • Easy To Do! No Skill Required!

Svengali Deck - Bridge Size-- Imperial Brand Cards

The instructions explain Ten different Effects you can perform with this trick deck. An example of the basic effect- You flip through the cards and allow your friends to see that all the cards are different. You ask a friend to put their finger on a card as you let them fall into your hand, you stop where they place their finger, they look at the card and remember it. You then ask them to replace the card into the deck, you cut the deck and their card is now on the top. For a follow-up effect, you place this same card on the bottom of the deck and now allow the cards to fall into your hand as you riffle them, Now All the cards have turned into the card your friend selected.

 It's All in the Special Cards!

No Special Skill Required!

Details: Bridge Size Cards, Blue Backs, Unassembled (meaning you'll have to put in the correct order), Force card is the Ten of Spades in all decks we have in stock.

These are printed on low-quality playing card stock made in Taiwan, while there is nothing wrong with the cards they are just not top of the line, nor are they plastic coated. The deck comes in two sets and you'll need to take a few minutes to assemble in the correct order, before performing the tricks. Instructions are included.

Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 8 to adult.

It's Easy To Do -- Once You Know the Secret! 

Media Type Shipped Product

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