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DVD - Booked Beyond Belief

  • This is A DVD Video!
  • How To Get Paid Jobs!
  • Bonus Video Included!
  • Learn From A Real Pro!

Booked Beyond Belief - DVD

This DVD contains David Ginn's ONLY 3 WAYS TO BOOK YOUR SHOW lecture (70 mins) captured live before a magic convention audience. You’ll hear solid booking information based only on David's personal experience of doing shows for a living for over 40 years through phone calls, mailings, and in-person interviews. Also includes David's Circus Magic Live Show – performed SITTING DOWN!

From DAVID'S Show CIRCUS MAGIC LIVE! You'll See......

  • Talking Warm-up with Eddie the Monkey 
  • Musical Magic: Cane Balance Vanish, and Cheat Blendo 
  • Magic Twister & Birthday Cake 
  • Mr. Up & Mr. Down 
  • Rising Card from Hat plus an unexpected visitor 
  • Trixie the Trapeze Artist 
  • Sad/Happy Clowns 
  • Carrots for Horses & Jumbo Hot Dog 
  • Sherlock Bones the Sheepdog 
  • Circus Wagon Surprise!

Only 3 Ways to Book Your Show is the David Ginn textbook on how to get PAID JOBS as a magician, clown, or other variety of arts entertainer. In the book, David explained with lots of photos & art examples of publicity materials and Self-Booking Tools useful for staying booked full time as an entertainer. This DVD is the LIVE Lecture based on the book. you need Not have read the book to get tremulous value from watching this Video of the lecture.

Learn How to Get Paid Bookings In Schools, DayCares and related markets!

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