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Cut No Cut Comedy Gag Scissors

Only 1 left!
  • These are The Best we've seen in years!
  • Great for Any Comedy Cut & Restored Rope Routine!

Cut No Cut Scissors

Scissors like these amazing shears have not been available for years. Once again available they allow the performer to use the shears like normal scissors and yet they refuse to work whenever the spectator tries them. First the spectator cannot get the blades of the scissors open while they work perfectly normally for the performer. Later with the blades of the scissors ‘open’ the spectator cannot get them closed! Cleverly gimmicked so the performer can control them at all times, yet the gimmicked portion is hidden by the blades themselves.

Very well made.

Get a pair while they are available. We have Very Few Left and they are no longer manufactured.


Tags magic rope scissors, gag scissors, Cut no cut scissors
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Only 1 left!