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TV Dove Classics by Kirk Kirkham

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  • Classic Dove Routines!

T.V. Dove Classics

By Kirk Kirkham.

At long last, a manuscript that lets you in on the topmost secrets of the world's foremost Dove Manipulators. You will find new and novel ways of doing Dove Magic. The contents include: the Master Secret, the Real Steals, the Supreme Gimmick, Dove in Balloon, Silken Dove, Hypnotizing a Dove, Heads Off, Crystal Dove Bag, Technicolor Doves, Flash Vanish, and many others. More than 25 tricks, tips, and ideas for performing with live and rubber doves.

Contents Include:

  • Preface
  • About The Doves
  • The Classic Glove To Dove
  • Technicolor Doves
  • Passe-Passe Doves
  • Hypnotizing A Dove
  • Challenge Dove Vanish
  • Air Mail Dove
  • The Dove In The Balloon
  • Cone And Dove
  • The Supreme Gimmick
  • Bags Of Doves
  • Cane To Dove
  • Mexican Doves
  • Jap Doves
  • Blackstone's Vanish
  • Dove From Newspaper
  • Devil's Dove
  • The Doves From The Hat
  • Silken Dove
  • Crystal Dove Bag
  • Simplicity Dove From Silks
  • Tambo-Dove
  • Cards And Doves
  • Dissolving Dove
  • Flowering Silks And Doves
  • Heads Off
  • Dove To Flowers
  • Flip Dove

Details: TV Dove Classics by Kirk Kirkham

32 pages, saddle-stitched, softcover, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2'.

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