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The Baby Pickle Bonus by Dan Garrett

Only 1 left!
  • Mini Sponge Pickles!
  • Makes a Great Production ItemToo!

BPB = Baby Pickle Bonus

The World Famous Pickle Trick - All the fun of the World Famous Banana Trick,  but with sponge Pickles instead. The routine is the same, but the comedy lines included are different. These are Pickles, (made from cucumbers, and will also pass for cucumbers if you prefer) Not Bananas, or even Carrots. So the jokes change accordingly! Dan Garrett wrote the gags and you may not carrot all for them, who knows? Includes four mini sponge Pickles Only hand made by Dan Garrett himself.

You can use these as a Production item in almost any production apparatus as well.

Note: We currently Do Not have any of the larger Pickles in stock. You are only buying the mini size here.

Dan has told us he will not be making any of the sponge items anymore. So...fair warning, if you already use these in your act, buy a spare set now!

Skill level: None

Media Type Shipped Product

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