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Dan Garrett's World Famous Banana Trick

  • A Funny & Fun Trick to Perform!
  • Hand Cut Foam Banana's by Dan!
  • Very Limited Supply-Dan is No Longer Making These!

Dan Garrett's World Famous Banana Trick

Here’s a great comedy routine that certainly has appeal (a peel?). Produce banana after banana from thin air and drop them into a large paper bag being held by a kid. When the kid looks into the bag for a banana, they have all vanished! (Yes we have No bananas.) A fabulous time-tested kid show routine, close-up or platform. Great for adults, too. The sponge bananas are the most realistic ever and they make great box production items too.

Dan Garrett¹s sensational comedy routine, illustrated instructions, and bananas!

We have a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY as Dan is no Longer making these hand Made Foam Banana's


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