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Silk Diamond Cut 18 inch in Blue


Silk 18 inch Diamond Cut in Blue

A cut above a square! Designed to amaze & deceive. creates the illusion of a silk twice the size!

What is a diamond cut silk? It is a silk scarf that has been specially cut and hemmed for use by magicians. Rather than being made in the shape of a square, it is shaped like a diamond. This way it appears to be bigger and longer than it actually is.


  • Takes up HALF the Area of a Square silk!
  • Looks like a regular 18 inch Silk!
  • Size is : 10" by 25".
  • Loads like a 12 inch Silk!
  • 100% Pure Silk!

This silk is 10'' x 25'', and it's the newest innovation in silk magic. It's hard to believe but the way this silk is made you can produce it from a small tube or even from a thumb tip. It occupies only about one half the volume of it's matching square.

Some of the many uses of a Diamond Cut Silk:

  • ​Use in your Thumb tip for what appears to be a larger production!
  • Use in A Dye Tube!
  • Perfect for Use in an Eclipse Tip!
  • Use in an Appearing or Vanishing cane!
  • And Many More Possibilities !

Skill level: None required

Media Type Shipped Product

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