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Magician's Rope Spool

  • Great Rope for Most Effects!

Magician's Rope Spool of 300ft.

You'll find many uses for our super rope! It's soft, yet strong.

A reel of 300 feet of soft white rope. It has a soft core and outer sheath. Suitable for all modern rope magic. This rope is easy to cut and useful for many rope effects. If you do a lot of Cut and Restored Rope routines this is the perfect type of rope  to use.

 This is the perfect type rope for easy cutting and magic manipulations. Magician's will enjoy using this type rope for it's easy if tying and supple feel.


  • Color: White
  • Size: Approximately 1/4 inch thickness in diameter.
  • Length: 300 feet to the reel.
  • Manufactured in China

Please note: Because of the weight & bulk of this item it does not qualify for free shipping.

Skill level: None


Media Type Shipped Product

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