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Flip Silk Production - Instruction Sheet Only

  • Produce Silk Hankerchiefs with this special folding method

Flip Silk ProductionInstructions Only

Instructions Only
Here is a very fine way to produce a number of silk handkerchiefs for use in your act! The effect is showy, colorful, and has lots of action. You flip a silk handkerchief out into the air, and a contrasting color handkerchief appears tied to the corner of the first one. Untie them, then flip out the new one, and another handkerchief appears! Repeat several times if you wish. This makes a superb lead-in effect for other tricks with scarves, or to precede a production from the handkerchiefs. Silks from 18 inch size to as large as 36 inch size are best for the production. Four or five silks are a convenient number to produce. The special method of folding the silks eliminates many of the problems associated with prior methods.


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