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Climax Coins -"Trix with 3" Coins"

  • Tricks with The Dollar Sized & Giant 3" Penny!
  • Softcover, saddle-stitched, 36 pages, 30 Line Drawings

Climax Coins

"Trix With 3 Inch Coins"

by Jerry Mentzer

A number of years ago, when the dollar sized giant pennies first became available, the author put together a book of effects using the large coin. That book, Super Cents, continues to be a best seller. Since that time giant 3-inch size coins have become more and more popular with close up performers and their audiences!! Well folks, here is a whole book devoted to tricks and bits with either the silver dollar sized giant penny, or the half dollar sized giant penny! The book is soft bound with more than 30 line drawings by Richard Bartram. A small book but loaded with magic you can use as complete tricks or as “throwaways!”

Contents Include:

  • Clips and Concealments
  • How to Grip Jumbo Coins
  • Jumbo Spellbound
  • Surprise!! (Steve Dusheck)
  • Jumbo Coin Retention Vanish (Steve Dusheck)
  • Undercover Inflation
  • Coin Purse Surprise (Roger Divella)
  • Purse-eption (Dan Garrett)
  • Matrix With Jumbo Coins
  • Another Spellbound Move (Richard Bartram)
  • Okito Finale (Richard Bartram)
  • Photo Finish (Richard Bartram)
  • Big Change (Richard Bartram)

Details;  Climax Coins 
©1986 Jerry Mentzer
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 36 pages

A Magic Methods Product

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