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Magic Around The World

  • A Complete Educational School Show "How To" Book!
  • All The Info. You Need to Perform This Type School Show!
  • You Can Adapt Your Show to Bill's Script!

Magic Around The World  

Book & Script for Ragsdale's  "Advntures Around the World" School Educational Assembly Show

by Bill Ragsdale

Bill’s third book on performing magic in schools in 144 pages it contains a complete script of the school assembly show Bill performed in the 1990s including his Trouble-wit routine, a teacher’s guide, marketing tools, and 18 additional suggestions for alternate routines in the seven counties visited during the show. A complete educational school assembly show explained and adaptable for your school market.

Bill includes his routine with "Mother Earth" using and Axtell™ Drawing Board. Bill includeds his script with his vent dummy Dudley as they do a funny ventriloquism rouitne and much more! If you're thinking of performing educational assembly programs in schools or already do you'll find lots of useful knowledge in this volume. 


Contents Include;


Looking Over My Shoulder 


Part One

  • Magician As StoryTeller
  • Creating & Maintaining an Educational Show
  • The “Teacher’s Guide”
  • Show Set-up and Outline
  • Selling The Show by mail

Part Two

  • Warm-Ups
  • The Flag of Brazil
  • The Canadian Flag
  • The Flag of India
  • The Flag of Tanzania
  • The Chinese Flag
  • The French Flag
  • Talking with the World
  • A Silent Exit

Part Three

  • Alternative Material

144 pages, Softcover, Perfect bound, 

25 black & white photos and 34 Line drawings illustrate the text.

A Magic Methods Product

Media Type Shipped Product

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