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60 Magic Tricks You Can Do

  • A Great Beginners Booklet!
  • Learn 60 Tricks with Household Objects!

60 Magic Tricks You Can Do

By Eddy Wade

This is a basic beginners booklet of easy to learn and perform tricks for the magic enthusiast. Most of the props required for performance can be found around your home or at your local Dollar store. A few items are crafty meaning you'll have to make them. A few items included required adult supervision for younger children. A complete show can be performed with the material in this little booklet.

No Prior Skill Required!

Magic is Easy Once You Know the Secret Methods!

A Partial Listing of Tricks You Can Easily Learn from this Booklet:

  • Computer Memory
  • Multiplying Magic
  • Magic Spelling test
  • Hole In Hand
  • Salt Shaker Mystery
  • Tough Napkin
  • Magic Squares
  • Walking Through a PostCard
  • Nine From Eleven
  • Rising Coin
  • The Magic Pencil
  • Mental Math
  • Feelings
  • Mindreading Magic
  • Card Location
  • Psychic Crayon
  • Spooky Ring
  • Mental #'s
  • Jumping Rubber Band
  • Balancing Glass
  • A Very Good Year
  • Roll of The Dice
  • Tale of the tape
  • Math Magic
  • Turn Over card Trick
  • Envelope Surprise
  • Vanishing CVoin
  • Sucker Switch
  • Surprise
  • Multiplying Money
  • Colors
  • Twisted Arrow
  • Amazing Ball Production
  • Banking By Magic
  • The Floating Ball
  • Magnetic Wand
  • Thumbs Up
  • Quarter for Nothing
  • The 21 card Trick
  • Vanishing Diamond
  • Mental Miracle
  • A Magicial Escape
  • Impossible Card Trick
  • The Magic Pendulum
  • Ups & Downs
  • Puzzle Cups
  • Eleven Fingers
  • Birthday Magic
  • Mystery Knot
  • The Money Box
  • Odds & Evens
  • Secret Writing
  • Houdini Escapes
  • Broken & Restored Tookpick
  • Linking Paper Clips
  • Perfect Prediction
  • Call it In The Air
  • Magicians Choice
  • Vanishing Salt Shaker
  • Cut & Restored Rope

The booklet also includes an application to join The Magic of Eddy Wade's Offical Fan Club for FREE! This club will mail you additional magic tricks and related information about Eddy and learning the art of Magic!

Details: 60 Magic Tricks You Can Do

By Eddy Wade

13 pages, saddle-stitched, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2'.

Suitable for reading age & up

Tags Book
Media Type Shipped Product

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