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Classic Magic Tricks Book

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  • Great Beginners Book!

Classic Magic Tricks Book

By Bob Longe, David Knowles and Charles Barry Townsend

Abracadabra! Virtually every type of Incredible magic trick you can imagine is here in this huge collection. Try anything you find inside and astound people with your great repertoire of seemingly unexplained hocus-pocus! 

Use mental magic to mystify a crowd with your uncanny mathematical talent. Defy reality by performing the French Drop, a coin sleigh that will astound spectators with your ingenious skills. Create suspense when you make a "spirited" handkerchief rise and fall. There's no end to the fun you'll have.

Contents Include:

  • Introduction 
  • Mind Reading Magic
  • Coin Magic
  • Flashing Fingers Magic
  • Props, Effects & Illusions
  • Index

Details: Classic Magic Tricks Book

 277 pages, hardbound, size: 5 3/4 by 6 3/4".

Published by Sterling Publishing Co.

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