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Heavy Mental by John Riggs

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Heavy Mental

Mentalism for the Heavy-Handed

By John Riggs

A collection of startling mentalism effects which John has developed over the years. Professional quality methods and presentations.

Deals with strong presentations of Psychic and Psychic reading techniques.

Contents Include:

  • Coins of the Mind
  • Open Koran
  • The Stoned Miracle
  • Simply Tarot
  • Living & Dead Killer
  • The Murdered Whore
  • The Himber Ring Adinger
  • After-Dinner Alchemy, Plus Two Bonus Effects
  • Dream Car Plus
  • The Procrastinating Prognosticalor
  • Future Imperfect
  • The Enigma of the Iron Mask
  • Q&A on Q&A
  • The Three Faces of Man
  • Whillickcr’s Last Trick
  • Post-A-Thought
  • The Ribonucleic Spoon
  • Magnetic Personality
  • Nosferatu
  • The Janus Gimmick

Part Two:

  • Psychic Reading for Entertainment

Note some of John's material contained in this book has appeared in some of his other books.


Copyright 1994, 102 pages, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, softcover, spiral bound.


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