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Blank Ambition

  • A Unique Card Effect with Blank Cards!

Blank Ambition

Inspired by John Riggs

Routine by Jerry Mentzer

This effect was explained by John Riggs at the 1994 Winter Carnival of Magic Convention in Gatlingburg, TN. The effect was described conceptually in John's book Riggs-The Magic of John Riggs, published by Magic Methods. Jerry Mentzer liked the effect so well that he developed this version of the handling for his personal use and later presented in his lecture tour. 

The presentation begins as if it is strictly a gag then becomes truly magical. For starters, the performer shows the deck to be blank on both sides. He has a spectator cut the pack and begins an "Ambitious Card" routine with the card supposedly cut to. For example, the performer claims that the card is the Three of Clubs. It is inserted into the deck and according to the performer, rises to the top. However, the spectators are less than convinced of this since all the cards are blank. After two such maneuvers, the performer realizes that the spectators do not believe him and de=cides to rectify the situation.

He then has the spectator write the name of the card on the bank face of the supposed Three of Clubs, or alternately has the spectator sign their name on the face of the card. Despite the fact the card now bears the spectator's mark, the card repeatedly rises to the top of the pack when inserted into the pack. At the finish of the routine, the card is given to the spectator as a souvenir. 

No gimmicks are used, just a deck of cards, (supplied) blank on both sides. And we supply Jerry Mentzer's three-page routine.

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