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13 Steps to Mentalism

  • Considered The Best Book Ever for a Beginning Mentalist!

13 Steps to Mentalism

By Tony Corinda

Known throughout the world, Tony Corinda has been acclaimed as inventor, writer, and teacher of Mentalism -- the art of mind-reading. While on tour in America, his friends persuaded him to write a book and with the support of nearly every professional Mentalist in the world, Corinda set out to compile The Thirteen Steps to Mentalism.  Corinda succeeded in producing what has now become the most classic encyclopedia of mental magic.

This book is the best for magicians conducting mental magic.  Topics include Telepathy, precognition, cold reading, hot reading, and more. 424 pages, fully illustrated hardcover book.  This is the New printing on higher quality 60 lb opaque paper.

You will learn:

  • The Swami Gimmick
  • Pencil, lip, sound, muscle reading
  • Mnemonics & Mental Systems
  • Predictions
  • Blindfolds & X-Rays
  • Billets
  • Book Tests & Supplement
  • Two Person Telepathy
  • Mediumistic Stunts
  • Card Tricks
  • Question & Answer Effects
  • Publicity Stunts
  • Patter & Presentation

A Partial List of the Contents Include: 

Step One: The Nail Writer Swami Gimmick

Different Types of Writers

Tricks With a Swami Gimmick

Step Two: Pencil, Lip, Sound, Touch and Muscle Reading

Part One - Pencil Reading
Part Two - Lip Reading

 Part Three Sound Reading

Part Four Touch Reading
43 Tricks Accomplished by the Art of Touch Reading
43 Sujan Location
48 Another Version of the Princes Card Trick

Part Five Muscle Reading

Step Three: Mnemonics and Mental Systems

Introduction To Mnemonics

The Amazing Memory Test

 Quick Calculations

The Magic Square

The Knight's Tour

Chess Trickery
68 The Foolproof System At Chess
69 To Play Unlimited Games At Once
70 The Mate In One Problem

A Day For Any Date
72 Summary Of The Day For Any Date System

Simple Card Systems
73 The Stacked Deck (Eight Kings)
76 Si Stebbins
76 The Fourteen/Fifteen Set Up
76 The Odd And Even Set Up
76 The Black And Red Set Up

The Mnemonic Number Code
78 Application Of The Mnemonic Number Code
79 Corinda's "Fourteenth Book Test"
80 The Photographic Memory 

81 Step Four: Predictions

Part One Introduction
85 The Value & Nature of Predictions

Part Two Technique
86 The Billet Pencil (Corinda)
87 - c. The "S" Rolled Billet
87 - d. Headline Predictions
87 The Billet Knife - Dr. Jaks
88 The Pocket Index for Cards
90 - Standard Pocket Index
95 The Swami Gimmick
96 Scarne Pellet Switch
98 The Prediction Chest
98 Trickery With Envelopes
98 - a. The Carbon Prediction Envelope
99 - b. The Nest of Envelopes
99 Stooges

Part Three Predictions for the Stage
101 A Million to One
103 Quadruplication
109 Astronomical
111 The Mentalist Four Ace Trick
113 Mentalists Card in Balloon
114 Psi Function

Part Four Predictions for the Drawing Room
114 Predictions With a Swami
114 Mind Over Matter
117 The Lottery Routine
119 The Prophesy
120 The Informative Joker
120 Double-Impact Prediction
121 The Matchbox Mystery
121 The Mystery of the Chest
122 X-Marks the Spot
122 Nicely Suited

125 Step Five: Blindfolds

Part One Types
130 Reverse Crease Blindfold (Will Dexter)
132 The Bag Blindfold
133 Sheet or Blanket Cover
134 The Bucket
134 Cotton Wool, Dough, Coins, Plaster and Suchlike

Part Two Technique
136 The Magnetic Blindfold
137 The Stacked Deck
137 Marked Cards
137 Annemann's One Way Deck
139 Self-Working Effects
139 Prior Observation
141 Memory Systems

Part Three Tricks
143 Sightless Vision - A Complete Blindfold Routine (J. Elman)
146 Psychical Research Versus Mentalism (Corinda)
147 Mental Masterpiece (Maurice Fogel)
148 X-Ray Eyes (Corinda)
149 A Gem of Mental Magic (Corinda)
150 The Bartender's Nightmare
150 The Blindfold Drive and Location of Objects Hidden at a Distance
150 Corinda's Money Box
155 Card Stab (Hans Trixter)

161 Step Six Billets

 Part One Technique
166 A Few Simple Rules For Working with Billets
166 The Centre Tear - Corinda Variation
176 - Billet Switch (Annemann)
181 The Star Trap Billet Switch (Eric Mason)
182 Eclipse Billet Switch (John Henley)
186 The Use of a Crystal Ball

Part Two Tricks and Routines
187 The Crystal Locket (Stanley Jaks)
189 Three Little Questions (Corinda)
191 It's a Record! (Corinda)
192 Presenting the Living and Dead Test (Corinda)
192 Great Minds Think Alike (Punx)
194 The Flames of Zor (Chemical Reaction)
195 A Card and Billt Routine (Corinda - Fogel)
195 Inexplicable (Al Koran)

197 Step Seven Book Tests and Supplement

201 Zarkamora II - The Ceremony of Reincarnation (Corinda)
206 A Classic Swindle - Magazine Test
208 Impromptu Book Test Simplified (Corinda)
209 A Lesson in Mentalism (Corinda)
211 The Crossword Puzzle (Corinda)
212 Novel Revelation of a Word (Corinda)
213 Tele-Directory Test (Corinda)
215 Ulta-Modern Mentalism (Corinda)
218 The ClipBook (Vivian St. John)
219 The Missing Link (Corinda)

An Interview With Fogel

233 Step Eight: Two Person Telepathy

Part One Major Systems
238 The Code Act - Verbal
238 Complete Verbal Code System
240 Telepathy for Two (Walford Taylor)
243 - The Alphabet Code
247 - Countries
248 - Christian Names
252 Electrical Two-Person Communicator Unit
257 Miscellaneous Code Systems for Full Routines

Part Two Minor Systems

Part Three Routines
263 The Lady is a Mindreader (Corinda)
263 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Corinda)
266 Reference to Effects for Two Person Telepathy in Other Steps
266 Misdirectional Womentalism (Eric Mason)
269 Musical Mindreading

271 Step Nine Mediumistic Stunts
277 Establishing Atmosphere in the Séance Room
278 The Stage Medium
278 Reference to Mediumistic Effect in Other Steps

 Part Two: Physical Phenomena
280 Spirit Writing
281 Spooky Stunts for a Blackout
281 Astral Signs
281 The Spirit Hand
282 Ectoplasm
282 Apports
283 Spirit Lights
283 The Icy Hand
283 The Message in Mid Air
283 The Spirit Candles (Corinda)
284 The Waistcoat Escape
286 The Stage Spirit Cabinet Routine
288 Telekinecards (Punx)
292 The Haunted Ball
293 Spirit Guide
294 Corinda's Ghost Walk

Part Three Mental Phenomena
298 Yes-No Slate Gag
298 Cryptopsychism
299 The Ouija Board

Step Ten Card Tricks

Introduction to Mentalism With Cards
308 Photo-Memory (Hans Trixer)
309 Corinda's Incredible Slate Test
312 The Million Dollar Test (J.G. Reed)
312 Birthday Card Trick (Jack Avis)
313 ESP Test (J.G. Reed)
314 The Trio (Sidney Lawrence)
315 - Gamma Location
316 Beyond the Veil (Patrick Page)
317 Card Exchange (Terry Guyatt)
318 Blind Coincidence (Michael Mence)
318 Mental Card Trick (Terry Guyatt)
319 Two of a Kind (Terry Guyatt)
323 Teleprognos (Corvelo, Holland)
326 The Red Card Prediction
327 Across the Void (Paul Marcus, New Zealand)
330 Dr. Thornton's Coincimental (by permission of Ed Mellon)

Step Eleven Question and Answer (Readings)

 Part One
343 Dealing with Questions That Are Known
344 How to Get Information
345 - The Window Envelope
345 - The Clip Board
346 - The Stooge
348 How to Convey Information
349 - Written on Card
349 Selection of Suitable Questions to Use
350 Answering Questions Known
351 Answering Questions From Platform
355 - Private Readings
355 - Platform Readings

 Part Two
356 Dealing With Questions Unknown
357 Main Objectives When Cold Reading
359 - The Importance of Timing

Step Twelve Publicity Stunts

Part One
368 The Law of Supply and Demand
369 Creating a Demand
371 Personal Advertising
372 The Brochure

Part Two
376 Publicity Stunts
377 Publicity Plot and Ideas
377 Radio Prediction
382 The Haunted House
383 The Challenge Séance
383 Headline Prediction
384 Glorified Muscle Reading
386 Blindfold Drives and Walks

Step Thirteen Patter and Presentation

391 Introduction
392 The Essentials of Good Performance
392 Personal Appearance
393 Manner and Speech
398 Good Effects
403 Handling
404 Timing
407 Misdirection
420 Appendix Errata and Additions to the Full Thirteen Steps to Mentalism
421 Complete Index to Thirteen Steps

Details: 13 Steps to Mentalism

424 pages, hardbound with dustjacket, size 6" by 9".

Media Type Shipped Product

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