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Magic Wand Magic Set

  • Perfect Beginner's Magic Set!
  • Easy Tricks!

Magic Wand Magic Set

Lots of Tricks packaged inside a Large Magic Wand 

E-Z To Do Magic!

This magic set contains over 100 amazing magic tricks with a book of illustrated instructions all packed into a large (20 inches long by 2 1/4 inches round) magician's wand cardboard tube.

Tricks Included:

  • Silk To Egg includes red silk handkerchief
  • Houdini Beads Trick
  • Vanishing Red Silk with the Magician's Secret Devise
  • Rattleback
  • Coin Bank makes a coin vanish
  • Pyramid Puzzle
  • Coin Safe 
  • Empty Hat to Rabbit In Hat Paddle Trick
  • Coin Slide makes a coin vanish or appears inside or you can change one coin into another
  • Anti-Gravity Devise
  • Color Vision Set
  • Plus an amazing booklet explaining how to do over 100 amazing magic tricks many require objects that can be found around any household. 

And an Official Magician's Wand that can perform several tricks.

Suitable for ages 8 years to adult.

Warning this kit contains small parts, not for children under age 7 years of age.

Media Type Shipped Product

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