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Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere/Boxed

  • Very Easy To Do!
  • Complete Instructions Included!

Magic By Gosh 


Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere - Boxed

The sponge rabbits Appear, Disappear, Multiply and Create Much Fun and Great Amusement!

What Happens: Two sponge foam rabbits are shown, Mama rabbit is placed into a friend's hand. Papa rabbit is put into your pocket, somehow the Papa rabbit jumps into your friend's hand. The two bunnies are put back into your friend's hand. This time when they open their hand a whole family of rabbits has magically appeared and Jump out!

Very Easy To Do! Complete Instructions Included! Comes complete with Three pieces of Red sponge foam approximately 3" tall Rabbits. Five small approximately 1 1/2" in length mini baby size rabbits in various assorted colors packaged in a colorful purple box.

Marvelous Magic For All!

Media Type Shipped Product

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