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Make Magic Your Hobby Trick Set

  • Beginners Magic Set!
  • Suitable for 7 years & up!

Make Magic Your Hobby Trick Set

10 Different Mystifying Tricks!

Includes a Booklet of 102 Tricks!

This beginners magic set contains special props for Ten amazing tricks suitable for ages 7 years and up. No Skill Required makes learning magic fun and easy! An 18-page booklet of 102 tricks is also included that allows anyone to use ordinary household objects to entertain with your new magic once you know the secrets! You or your child will be able to do tricks from the enclosed booklet using playing cards, coins, paper, dice, toothpicks, math, eggs, and other items. Learn math tricks, puzzles, mind-reading feats and psychic power demonstrations all in good fun! Break the laws of science by magic! No special Appartuys is needed to perform the tricks from the book just secret knowledge of how it's done! The book is fully illustrated with many drawings to make learning easy.

Magic is Fascinating & Educational!

*Trick Props Included Are:

  • Hopping Diamonds
  • Computer Age Cards
  • Two Card Monte Trick
  •  Spring & Ring Puzzle Trick
  • Magician's Wand
  • Vanishing Hankerchief 
  • Tricky Paddles - Rabblt Appears & Vanishes on a Paddle
  • Magic Red Snapper Puzzle
  • Magic Water Vase
  •  Pop Bottle Trick
  • Magician's Secret Device - Thumb Tip
  • Against Gravity 

Entertain Your Friends and Be The Life of Any party!

This set has a few more items than the "Deluxe Magic Set", found elsewhere on this site, and some of better quality, the box cover is different, otherwise, they are the same.

*We reserve the right to substitute items as needed based on current stock. Usually, if we substitute an item the replacement will be a better item than the one missing..

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