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Basic Skill With Cards

  • Basic reference to learn Card Handling Skills!
  • Learn How to do False Cuts, Sleights, Controls & More!
  • Illustrated With Photos!

Basic Skill With Cards

By Jerry Mentzer

A basic reference book for people who want to learn fundamental card handling skills! It contains no tricks but includes chapters on topics such as “Forcing”, “False Shuffles”, “False Cuts” and “Palming”, etc.

Each chapter contains card handling methods that combine the simplicity of working with maximum usefulness. Even if you know a lot about card magic now, you will want it for your reference shelf!! Profusely illustrated with photographs, is typeset, and is perfect bound, with a soft printed cover. Page size is 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches with 76 pages. If you want to learn card magic, order your copy of Basic Skills With Cards Today!

Contents Include:

False Cuts

  • Three-Way False Cut
  • Two Way False Cut
  • False Cut on the Table
  • Gambler's Running Cut

False Shuffles

  • Basic Overhand Shuffle
  • Overhand Control for the Top Card
  • Overhand Shuffle to Retain Bottom Stock
  • Overhand Shuffle to Retain Top StockOverhand Shuffle Jog Shuffle
  • Basic Riffle Shuffle
  • Riffle Shuffle to Retain Bottom Stock
  • Riffle Shuffle to Retain Top Stock


  • The Break
  • Double Undercut Control
  • Cut and Overhand Shuffle Control
  • Pick Up and Overhand Shuffle Control
  • Reversed Card Control
  • Bridged Deck Control


  • The Glide
  • Other Uses for the Glide
  • Double Lift General
  • Double Lift Method One
  • Double Lift Method Two
  • Secret Reverse Using Double Lift
  • The Crimp


  • Tenth Card Force
  • Six Thru Nine Force
  • Crossed Halves Force
  • Hindu Shuffle Force
  • Hofzinser Force
  • Classic Force 


  • Top Card Palm - First Method
  • Bottom Card Palm - Right Hand
  • Bottom Card Palm - Left Hand
  • Gambler’s Palm
  • One-Hand Top Plan
  • “Cover” for the Palm

Details: Basic Skill With Cards by Jerry Mentzer

 Size; 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, 77 pages, softcover, perfect bound.


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