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Cascade Card Effect

  • If You Can Do A Basic "Elmsley Count" You Can Perform this!
  • Complete with All Necessary Cards!


by Roy Walton

This is another “goodie” from Roy Walton whose trick “Cardwarp” took the magic world by storm! In this effect, “Cascade”, four cards turn face up, then face down in a most remarkable manner. At the finish of the effect, the performer shows he has been using trick cards- two have blank faces and two others have gaudy colored backs!! And the cards can be examined! They are indeed strange, but not gimmicked. If you can do an Elmsley Count, this is an excellent effect to carry with you. Use the four cards as “covers” for your favorite coin assembly after performing “Cascade”.

If you can do a basic "Elmsley Count" you can perform this Unique, Fun, and Amazing routine! If you can't do an "Emsley" Count" then we suggest you also get our book "Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtlety" by Jerry Mentzer. It's our Best Seller and will teach you everything you need to know about doing basic card techniques.

Supplied in Bridge size cards only at this time.

SKILL LEVEL- Experienced/Medium

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Media Type Shipped Product

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