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33 Rope Ties & Chain Releases

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  • Escape Secrets!

33 Rope Ties & Chain Releases Book

Written by Burling Hull, one of the world's greatest authorities on the subject.

The 65 illustrations make everything clear. The audience can furnish their own chains or ropes, but you can escape when you know the secrets explained in this remarkable book. Highly recommended if you want to add an escape to your act.


Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

2 Special Instructions for Beginners
3 A suggestion as to arrangement and application
4 Handling Committee
5 Rope Tying and Release Methods
6 The Mysterious Knots
7 The Keller Tie
8 The Improved Kellar Tie
9 The Figure 8 Tie
10 The Mysterious Tie
11 B.H. Strangle Rope Tie
12 New Spirit Tape Tie
13 The Twentieth Century Tie
14 B.H. Triumph Tie
15 The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
16 The Excelsior Rope Tie
17 The Rings and Vest Trick
18 Novel Faked Rope
19 The Novelty Tie
20 Cotton Bandage Test
21 The Cabinet
22 B.H. Collapsible Cabinet
23 B.H. Folding Cabinet
24 Tape Tie
25 The Vest Turning Trick
26 Vanishing Knots
27 Dissolving Knots
28 The Magic Knot
29 The Linking Ring (ring on a cord)
30 Borrowed Ring on Cord
31 The Master Challange of Mummy Tie, with 50 of 76 Feet of Rope
32 Being Tied in any Position.
33 General Instructions
34 Tied in a chair
35 The Siberian Transport Chain
36 B.H. Simplified Chain Release
37 The B.H. "Best" Chain Release
38 The B. and H. Chain release
39 Mysto Shackle Escape
40 Ankle Shackle Escape
41 B.H. Chain Shackle Release
42 Spirit Locks
43 Old Model Spirit Locks
44 B.H. Spirit Lock
45 The Chained Sack Escape
46 Marvel! Cut and Restored Rope
47 Mystic Rope
48 Grant's Sleight of Hand Rope Trick


Details: 33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases
©1915 American Magic Corp.
46 pages, Softcover, saddle-stitched.


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