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How to Hack Handcuffs Like Houdini

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How to Hack Handcuffs Like Houdini

As a performer, do you know how to get out of any pair of handcuffs manufactured --- past, present or future models?

As an urban survivalist, do you know how to open standard handcuffs with a common drinking straw and other very innovative, real-world applications? 

As a security professional, do you know which types of handcuffs keys are designed to be invisible to the naked eye?

As an escapologist, do you know the 3 "universal" handcuff keys that all escape artists should have in their toolkit?

As a locksmith, are you familiar with the Ollam key?

As a prestidigitator, do you know which handcuff key is ideal to use with sleight-of-hand techniques? 

As a magician, do you know how to "trick-out" a pair of handcuffs for rapid escape?

As a hobbyist, do you have the simple knowledge to defeat cuffs in double-lock mode?


Written for Magicians, Law Enforcement and Urban Survivalists, this book describes in detail the novel methods to "hack" open handcuffs --- from picking & shimming with household items, to the interesting use of HIPS devices. 

Contents Include:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Short History of Handcuffs 
  • Chapter 2: Handcuff Nomenclature 
  • Chapter 3: Escape / Hacking Methods 
  • Chapter 4: Handcuff Keys 
  • Chapter 5: Single vs. Double Lock 
  • Chapter 6: Shimming Techniques 
  • Chapter 7: Picking Techniques 
  • Chapter 8: HIPS Devices 
  • Chapter 9: GOAH Stage Method 
  • Chapter 10: Tricked Handcuffs 

Details: How to Hack Handcuffs Like Houdini

81 pages, perfect-bound, softcover, size 6" by 9".

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