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The Shadow Tent by Creative Magic

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  • A Great Portable Illusion to Produce A Live Person!
  • As Seen In Las Vegas in Mac King's Show!

So... You Want To Make A Person (or yourself) Magically Appear In Your Show?

 This is the Perfect Illusion for a Special Event,Corporate Meeting,Dance Recital,Pageant,TV Show,Scouting Event, Etc.?

The Shadow Tent

Produced by Brian Daniel's Creative Magic Company


Yes, we were a "Portion Holder" when Brian Daniels Creative Magic company closed up shop. We have a few of their items left in stock they can be found under the Creative Magic Co. tab on this website. ALL the item are in New condition and Never used, they have only been set-up for inspection and photography purposes. We've been told by Brian Daniels the past owner of Creative Magic that these will Never be made again!

Introducing the new and improved shadow box illusion. 

The Shadow Tent Illusion

Can be spun 360 degrees, zipped open and shown completely empty using a light to prove there is nothing in the walls, then seconds after zipping up the tent, shadows appear followed by you, an assistant or both!

Specially designed by a team of professional magicians and custom manufactured by a leading tent fabricator, the Shadow Tent is every magician's dream come true. 

The Shadow Tent is durable, 
extremely lightweight packs super small, 
sets up in minutes, and it is affordable

The Shadow Tent is made with the finest materials, including super light-weight aluminum poles.

It is specially designed to have the best angles of any shadow box on the market 
(notice the pole sleeves create natural flaps that easily conceal more than one person if you like).

There is a zipper in the front that makes the tent look like a normal tent and the zipper can
be used to show the tent empty. The whole front panel brakes away with 
Velcro tabs for a real cool appearance.

The tent is specially designed to be able to revolve 360 degrees with a person hidden inside.
There are a few hidden poles for stability and a hole in the top back for the light.

And the creative possibilities are endless,

"I don't want other magicians to have this, 
I would like to be the only one."

- Mac King 

"This is a great idea... I can't wait to use it." 
- Kevin James

"I have seen A lot of Shadow Box illusions and
this one is the best! "

- Gary Darwin (Magic Historian, Magician, and Author)

"Powerful! Practical! And it packs a punch! The Shadow Tent is
an excellent portable illusion for the working professional.
- Andrew Mayne (host of the Magic Radio Show)


"Seeing it up close and in action, I can say
that it is well made, packs really small, and can up your performance
fee by at least 300 bucks for bringing ‘an illusion’."

- Scott Alexander (magician, dealer, and inventor)

"The old cliché "Packs small, plays big" definitely applies to this illusion. 
With today's travel expenses, every magician ought to have this one.
- Tony Hassini (founder of International Magicians Society)


"A girl from light has always been mysterious and
magical. This illusion really brings you both." 

- Rocco (Magician and magic Developer) 

"Some illusion ads brag that it will fit in the trunk of your car.
this one will fit in the little basket on the front of your bike."

- Ricky Brandon (Las Vegas magician and consultant)


"Very well made to last years"
- Dave Goodsell, Mum Magazine


"I again recommend this illusion very highly"
- Danny Orleans, Genii Magazine




Dimensions fully set up:
5' by 5' 
54" tall inside 
65" to the top of the poles

The inside of the tent is a little 
less than 4' by 4' at the base.

Dimensions in the bag:
30" long 8" wide 
(considerably larger than the actual tent 
rolled up, so it is really easy to pack in and there is
room for your light and extension cord)

Only about 10 pounds. Please NOTE: Shipping in the carton with extra padding, etc. will be some what heavier.

NOTE: The one pictured here (with fold creases in the tent door, which will easily fall out) set-up, without the young lady, is the one you'll get.

Complete with carrying bag, video instructions on setting it up and performance. You supply your own light.

Skill Level: For the professionally trained performer. Not recommended for those under 13 years of age without adequate supervision and training by a mentor magician.

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