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Rope - 50 feet of Magician Rope

Only 2 left!
  • Easy To Cut!
  • Soft & Pliable!
  • White Cotton Rope!
  • Includes A Bonus Rope Trick!

Rope - 50 feet of Professional Magician Rope

This is the perfect type of rope for magicians to use in their act. It's soft, white and very pliable. If you like to perform the Cut and Restored Rope Trick this is the rope for you. If you like to make up your own rope tricks or replace those that have gotten dirty during performances this is the rope for you.

As a Special Bonus, we include the instructions for the Famous Cut and Restored Rope Trick with each 50-foot hank of rope!

PLEASE NOTE: Pictured is the 50-foot Rope Hank you'll receive. The 500-foot Spool of Rope also shown in the photograph is a special order item and when the manufacturer has it in stock the price usually runs around $80.00. This item is listed elsewhere on this website.

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