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Let's Go Shopping

  • A great close up effect!
  • Blank Cards MagicallyTurn into Credit Cards!
  • Topical Magic, Great for Trade Shows and Business!

Let's Go Shopping

by Jerry Mentzer

Effect: Show several pieces of blank while plastic similar to the plastic which credit cards are printed on. Then magically they all become printed like a credit card! On the Front and Back! Five different credit cards! After the cards are printed, the performer ends by spreading the cards and saying "Let's Go Shopping"!

Easy to do and great as a close-up effect or for small groups of spectators. Cards are custom printed in multi colors on plastic specifically for this trick! Great opportunity for humorous comments about the role of credit cards in today's society!

Topical Magic, Great for Trade & Industrial Shows and Business Meetings!

A Magic Methods Product

Tags Credit Card Magic, Mentzer
Media Type Shipped Product

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