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Encyclopedia of Escapes II By Bill McLaury

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  • First Time Undisclosed Escape Secrets in Print!!
  • Eleven Chapters covering all angles of every escape.
  • 286 pages. 8 1/2" x 11", Soft Cover, Comb Bound
  • Over 200 Illustrations and Photographs

Encyclopedia of Escapes II - By Bill McLaury 

More than just secrets, this book tells why you should have an escape in your program. In addition to the secrets, there are suggested routines, presentations and ideas to get you going. in many instances there is more than just one method to achieve the same effect, giving you different options for your persona. material covered spans from the 1916's up to the 2000's. ALL the material from the original Encyclopedia and Supplement there is also included and has been Updated where applicable.

"There were numerous errors in the Original ENCYCLOPEDIA Of ESCAPES regarding the Hand-Cuff keys, plus a few other items. Pryce Wheeler brought these to my attention when I was putting together the Supplement edition to the original book. The errors that were brought to my attention have been corrected with the printing of this edition." -Bill McLaury

Extra material includes actual copies of photographs of Escape equipment - Eleven Chapters covering all angles of every escape.

Chapter 1 - A word on Escapes       
Chapter 2 - The Word
Chapter 3 - Rope Escapes
Chapter 4 - Wire Chain Shackle Escapes
Chapter 5 - Sensational Escapes

Chapter 6 - John A.Novak
Chapter 7 - Handcuff, Jail Escape, Thumb Cuffing

Chapter 8 - Suggested Escape and / or Magic Act
Chapter 9 - Padlocks, Lock-picking
Chapter 10 - Spirit Ties Contrivances, Vest Turning
Chapter 11 - Loose Links

There are numerous contributions from performing professionals that have not seen print before. Something for everyone that performs, be it - Close-up, Platform, Stage, Challenges or Gospel, it's all here. Contributors like Norman Bigelow, Thomas Blacke, Mark Cannon, Arthur Cohan, Joe Fox, Steve Kilgore, Thomas Solomon, Cynthia Morrison, Jay Leslie, Marlo Manzini, Fred Pittella, Dan Stapleton, Stan Willis, John Novak, Burling Hull, Prynce Wheeler and Joseph Trudel.

This volume was years in development and the creation of Bill McLaury. It's the Only book of it's kind.

If you Perform magic, you should Read this book. It is NOT a book for children.

Encyclopedia of Escapes ll
Written and Compiled by Bill McLaury
286 pages. 8 1/2" x 11",  Soft Cover, Comb Bound
Over 200 Illustrations and Photographs
Each Copy is Numbered and Signed by the Author 


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