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50 Tricks with A Thumb Tip Book

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50 Tricks with A Thumb Tip Book

A Manual of Thumb Tip Magic

By Milbourne Christopher

Practical & Tested Tricks!

The author of this successful book is one of the most prolific writers on magic of this generation. Practical hocus pocus has appeared from his pen in all the leading professional magicians' magazines both here and abroad. Milbourne Christopher's book tells you how to do Fifty different tricks with the thumb tip. Here are just a few: Burning and Restoring a Handkerchief, Living or Dead Mental Test, Dollar Bill in Banana, Bank Night, Spirit Knots, and more. Each is clearly described and illustrated.

Contents Include:

Introduction (Hen Fetsch)
3 Thumb Tip Magic: About the Thumb Tip
4 Burning a Handkerchief: longer explanation
5 Making Money: one bill is produced from finger tips, then multiplies to many
5 Ribbons From Nowhere: variation with ribbons
5 Burning a Napkin: idea
6 Burning a Tablecloth: idea
6 Fire-Proof Thumb: cigarette tip doesn't burn thumb or handkerchief, must be done with a metal Thumb Tip!
6 Conjuring Up Candy (Hen Fetsch): salt, sugar, paper poured into fist results in a candy poured out
7 Living or Dead: mentalist test with a modified Thumb Tip
7 Cards Controlled: variation on above
7 Vanishing a Dime: coin vanish
7 Indestructible Match: broken match is restored
8 Spirit Rapping Hand: Thumb Tip used to enhance mystery tapping
9 Thumb Tie with Rubber Bands: Thumb Tip used to enable an escapable Thumb Tie
9 Chapman's Taped Thumbs (Frank Chapman): Using adhesive tape
10 Dollar in Banana 
10 Bill In Soft Roll: variation of dollar in banana
11 Bill In Hard Crust Roll: another variation
10 Reimer's Ribbon Cut (Rudy Reimer): Pieces of ribbon are strung together, wound on the finger, and signed. When unwound, the string is one piece 
11 The Severed String (Rudy Reimer): variation of above 
12 Spirit Knots (Hen Fetsch): another variation
12 The Mysterious Cord: string passes from one dollar cone to another 
12 Cigarette to String: use to change from cigarette magic to string trick
13 Silken Dollars: pulling thread from bills
13 Inflated Money (Huburt Lambert): dimes poured from dollar
13 Waterproof Greenback: water pours into rolled-up dollar but dollar remains dry
13 Waterproof Variation: improved
14 Burning a Dollar: burnt and restored marked bill
14 Spots That Pass: from thumb to thumb 
15 Bill In Nested Envelope: quick tip
15 Solid Sugar: granulated sugar to cube
15 Silk Switch: between envelopes
16 Quick Change: another variation
16 Bank Night (Hen Fetsch): only the magician's envelope contains the bill
16 Annemann Move (Annemann): for mentalist routine 
17 The Vanishing Card (Franciscus): vanishing the torn pieces
17 The Vanishing Cigarette (Walter Gibson): lighted!
18 Full Size Cigarette Vanish
18 Flash Tip: with a flash!
18 Silk Production: from empty hand
19 Confetti to Silk
19 Allen's Tie Trick: with lighted cigarette
20 A Tannen Tip (Lou Tannen): on ditching the TT
20 Knots Untied: vanishing string
20 The Cut Restored: quick idea
20 Bill In Purse: with a coin purse
21 Amazing Prediction: sealed in envelope 
21 Thumb Stretching: extreme
22 Bill In Shot Glass: vanished bill found in a covered shot glass
22 Bill In Egg: bill found in egg
23 Sealed Envelope Reading: messy but effective
24 Recommended Tricks & Books


Details: 50 Tricks with A Thumb Tip - A Manual of Thumb Tip Magic

24 Pages, softcover, saddle-stitched, size 5 1/2' b y 8 1/2".

Media Type Shipped Product

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