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Himber Wallet - Deluxe Version

  • Deluxe Version of Himber Wallet- better quality material.
  • Includes our booklet of 21 Routines with A Himber Wallet.

Himber Wallet - Deluxe Version

Includes the Book "21 Routines with a Himber Wallet"

The Himber Wallet is one of the magic world’s most versatile props. It can be used in a variety of magical effects from predictions, to card to wallet, to the famous “Polaroid Money” routine in which blank paper first turns to dollar bills, then to five-dollar bills, then to tens, etc. The wallet is made from genuine leather, does not appear overly thick or bulky and comes with the book "21 Routines With A Himber Wallet" by Ken Baker, and describes at least 21 routines you can do with a Himber wallet. “Polaroid Money” is just one of the routines described in the book. 

We offer a choice of two different wallets. This "Regular / Standard" (Found elsewhere on this site) version is made in pebble grain leather and a bit thicker than the Deluxe version - Himber Wallet, but certainly adequate if you do not intend to use the wallet at extremely close range as in some stand-up routines.

The second version the "Deluxe Himber Wallet" is more luxurious looking, better crafted in as far as the cut, stitching, thinness, etc. and made with more smooth leather. As it's thinner than the regular version it's best for close up use. We've seen a lot of Himber wallets and we feel for the price this is offered at it's a good value. Sure you can spend a lot more on a Himber wallet but we don't feel it is going to perform in better than this one


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