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Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by J. Hugard

  • A Must Reference Book for Card Workers!
  • Hard Bound Book!

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

By Jean Hugard

The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Jean Hugard is a Hardbound book of 403 pages, and well-illustrated. This book has hundreds of card tricks, well within the reach of any magician, in 20 chapters. Includes impromptu card tricks, tricks with one-way backs, plus tricks with Stripper Cards, Svengali Cards, Rough & Smooth Cards, Special decks, Special decks, and hundreds of others with ordinary cards. An absolute must for any magician interested in easy and self-working card magic.

Contents Include:

Introduction by Ted Annemann
 Chapter I Miscellaneous Impromptu Card Tricks

Chapter II Spelling Effects in Card Magic

Chapter III "You Do As I Do" 

Chapter IV Card Subtleties Utilizing Key Cards 

Chapter V "Slick" Principles In Card Magic 

Chapter VI Card Mysteries Employing Diachylon

Chapter VII Double Back Principles In Card Magic 

Chapter VIII Magic Utilizing Double-Faced Cards 

Chapter IX Card Mysteries Using A One-Way Back Design 

Chapter X Reversed Ordinary Cards 

Chapter XI Calculation Tricks With Ordinary Cards 

Chapter XII The Mysteries Of A Prearranged Pack Of Cards 

Chapter XIII Magic With A Svengali Pack Of Cards 

Chapter XIV Magic With A Mene-Tekel Pack Of Cards 

Chapter XV Magic With A Stripper Pack Of Cards 

Chapter XVI Magical Mysteries With Special Packs 

Chapter XVII The Use Of Short Cards In Magical Effects 

Chapter XVIII More Miscellaneous Tricks 

Chapter XIX Indispensable Sleights 

Chapter XX The Nikola Card System 


DetailsEncyclopedia of Card Tricks

403 pages, hardbound with dust jacket, size 6 1/4' by 9"


Media Type Shipped Product

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