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The Crazy Cube Trick aka Mental Die

  • One of Our Best Sellers!
  • A Real Fooler!
  • Easy To Do!

The Crazy Cube Trick

Also known as: The Mental Die

One of Our Best Sellers!

Crazy Cube lets the magician divine the spectator's thoughts - with little practice. It takes only a matter of minutes to begin reading minds with this clever piece of apparatus. 

Effect: A die is handed to a spectator by the magician, along with two canisters. With the magician's back turned, the spectator selects one number on the die and seals it inside the smaller of the two canisters. This canister is sealed inside the larger one.  Despite the seeming fairness of the procedure, the magician can at any time, announce the number the spectator selected.  Mind reading made easy!

Skill Level: Beginner. Recommend for ages 7 to adult.

Choking Hazard - Not Recommended for households with children under 3 years of age.

NOTE: Color of prop pieces and packaging may vary from those pictured.

Media Type Shipped Product

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