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Solid Deception (Original/Poker) by Paul Harris

  • A Great Effect for Stunning Audience Reactions!
  • Deck Becomes Solid Block at Climax!

Solid Deception (Original Version)* Poker Size

by Paul Harris

Here is an excellent card trick with that unusual sort of ending which card men seek. You'll like this very novel close-up trick. First, the performer does an "Ambitious Card" effect in which an initialed card repeatedly rises to the top of the pack. While most "Ambitious Card" routines require skill, this one does not. The problems of sleights have been minimized in this fine Paul Harris routine. Then for the clincher! The performer asks a spectator to cut the installed card into the deck. To the spectator's great surprise, the entire deck is a Solid Block except for the installed card! The cards are Glued together! The puzzle is even greater because throughout the routine the performer has apparently handled the pack like a regular deck, shuffling it, spreading it, and inserting cards into the center of the pack. Yet the deck is solid! There are absolutely NO DECK Switches, palming, etc. 

Please Note: ​We offer this effect in Bicyle Poker Cards, please specify if you like a Red or Blue Backed deck in the comment section at check out. If no selection is made we will ship our choice. The back of the Deck is easy enough to change, if you decide later you'd like a different back design, just glue one on and change the Box to match.

Addition Note: The above text is the original ad copy, from 1970's, when this effect was first introduced by Magic Methods, by special written agreement with Mr. Paul Harris. Since it's introduction, many others have copied "the idea" of ending with a Solid Deck of Playing Cards Permanently Stuck together.

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product

Tags Solid Deception, Instant astonishment, Paul Harris Presents, Magic of Paul Harris
Media Type Shipped Product

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