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Card Cavalcade Final HB by Jerry Mentzer

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  • The FINAL in series of Five Card Cavalcade Books!
  • HardBound!
  • SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

As of July 2023 we found 2 more copies in the warehouse, after these are gone the book will be out of print. If there is enough interest we may reprint, add your e-mail to the list to be notified.

Card Cavalcade Final

Hard Bound Edition - shrink wrapped.

by Jerry Mentzer

Card Cavalcade Finale is the last book in the Card Cavalcade series. In this book the emphasis is on complete tricks and routines. Commercial routines abound! While a few esoteric items are included, most are tricks with direct, clean-cut plots!


Chapter One – Routines

  • Walton’s Universal (Roy Walton)

  • Hickock Rides Again (Paul Swinford)

  • Disguised Water (Jeff Busby)

  • Rapid Fire Shotgun (A. Berkley Davis)

  • Ambitious Red Back (Jerry Mentzer)

  • Ambitious Card (Jerry Mentzer)

  • Comedy Ambitious

  • A Poker Plot

  • One For The Money (Michael O’Rady)

Chapter Two – Two Moves From Roger Klause

  • Klause’s Bottom Palm

  • Klause’s Bottom Move

Chapter Three - Quickies

  • Rapid Reverse (Eddie Fechter)

  • Card Transpo (Eddie Fechter)

  • No Pile (Eddie Fechter)

  • The Card Remaining On The String (Tony Binarelli)

  • A Quick Sandwich (Jerry Mentzer)

  • Open Faced Sandwich (Woody Landers)

  • Flash Coincidence (Jerry Mentzer)

  • Speller Trick

  • Two card Transpo (Scott Hollingsworth)

  • Gag Revelation (Jerry Mentzer)

Chapter Four  Russ Burns

  • Signature Transpo

  • Card Into Wallet

  • Psychological Card in Wallet

  • Sensational Double

  • The Cradle Pass

  • Swivel Undercut

  • Deceptive Undercut

  • Flourish False Cut

Chapter Five – Information

  • Shiftless Shift (Jim Lee)

  • Positioner (Jim Lee)

  • Seconds and Thirds (Bill Okal)

  • Twist Clean Up (John Miller)

  • Control to Bottom (Jerry Mentzer)

  • Flourish False Cut (Jerry Mentzer)

  • Radicating Pips

  • Fancy Colored Backs

 Chapter Six – Phil Goldstein

  • Straight Up With A Twist

  • The Sweeper Wakes

Similar in format to other books of the series, Card Cavalcade Finale is hard bound and illustrated with over 130 photographs. If you enjoyed the magic in the other books of the series, you must have Card Cavalcade Finale!

Details: Card Cavalcade Finale!

 183 pages,Hardbound, Size: 5 1/"2 by 8 1/2 inches.

SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

A Magic Methods Publication

Media Type Shipped Product

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