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Caps - Single Shot

  • For Use with the Flash Bang Wand!

Single Shot Caps

Single-shot caps. Plastic strip caps. 96 caps per card. For use with the Double Shot Flash Wand, found elsewhere on this website.

Not recommended for children under 10 years old and should only be used under adult supervision.

Please NOTE: This item requires special shipping charges that will be added after your order is placed. We can Not ship this item by USPS air as it is considered a hazardous product, it msut go by ground, no Priority Mail. We may ship by UPS ground depending on your location, time of year, size of your order. No air shipments allowed. We will contact you by e-mail or phone about the additional fees related to the shipping of this hazardous product.

Our shopping cart may only allow you to select Prioty Mail as your shipping option, go ahead, we can adjust after we receive your order. No International orders allowed on this item. You'll need to find these in your own country.

Media Type Shipped Product

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