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Cresey Production Coil 25ft.-Halloween Colors

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  • 25-foot Paper Production Coils
  • Halloween Colors of Orange & Black!

Cresey Brand

Paper Production Coil - Halloween Colors

Black and Orange Color Streamers

AKA - Mouth Coils

Packed 12 per package

A braided streamer of the brilliantly colored printed paper that can be produced from anywhere. 

The Basic Effect: Tear up a sheet of paper or even a paper napkin and produce the colorful paper streamer from your mouth., But you don't have to use your mouth. The streamer packet is so small that you can produce it from almost anywhere your imagination will allow.  Produce 25 feet of a colorful paper streamer, all dry right from your mouth! This never fails to get a great audience reaction. 

If you'd like the compact coil of 25 feet of paper can be magically produced from a hat, magic tube, square circle, drawer Box, crystal silk cylinder, your hand, or almost any type of Production device or Box!

Ideas: Since this version is Holiday Christmas Colors you could start with a short strip of matching tissue paper in the Orange and Black traditional Halloween colors and give one strip each to three helpers, have them tear their strip into pieces, you then gather all the pieces and produce the multi-colored streamer from your hand hiding the torn pieces in the folds of the streamer. Produce the color streamer from any type of production box, tube, etc. There are just so many possibilities. 

Each package of 12 coils is hand made in the U.S.A. by Cresey!

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Only 2 left!