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A Card Restored

  • Torn & Restored Card Effect!
  • Easy To Do & Very Visual!
  • A Puzzling Effect!

A Card Restored 

A Card Restored is a very visual & puzzling effect while being easy to perform. After tearing a chosen card into four pieces the performer places the pieces into a small vinyl wallet. The performer then makes pantomime motions toward the wallet as if invisibly extracting pieces of the card and tossing them back toward the wallet. After the pantomime has done three times, the chosen card "pops" from the wallet! However, one-quarter of the card is missing. Upon opening the wallet, one section of the card remains. When the section is removed from the wallet, it is seen to be a perfect fit for the missing corner! Easy to do and a very effective card effect!

Supplied complete with illustrated instructions and a special wallet.

Please note that we sell this effect in Two versions. The only real difference between the two versions is in the other version we also included a forcing deck with the wallet to make the effect even easier to perform right out of the package. While not necessary if you already know how to force a card.

Skill Level: Basic

A Magic Methods Product

Media Type Shipped Product

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