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Spring Flowers T-89 by Tenyo

  • Highly Collectible Tenyo Item!
  • Get It Soon! Very Few Left!

This is Not used stock, a rare warehouse find!! 

Spring Flowers by Tenyo T-89

Hand Made in Japan

Paper flowers that fold small and spring open for a big production. Very versatile for use in magic production props, boxes, tubes, etc. These special flowers can be concealed in very small spaces and can be produced from many types of apparatus such as a hat, a paper cone, or a Japanese production box. Comes brand new, with outside selophane package. There were no instructions provided with this item, since it is straightforward to use. Grab this while you can, as once they're gone that's it, no more ever!

Perfect for theatrical plays were a flower is needed to appear at the actors fingertips tips and repeats upto ten times.

This set includes 10 single spring flowers with vinyl outside covering. Made with No strings. There are no instructions, packed in a cello wrapper. Strings could easily be cut and taped on should you wish to make this a bouquet of flowers.

Magic ​Collectors Note: These were originally offered by the Tenyo Magic Company in 1977.

This is  Rare Collectable Magic! One of the Hardest Tenyo Magic items to Find!.  Comes to you as brand new, with outside cellophane package. There were no instructions provided with this item when it was first introduced as its use was known to most magicians.

Skill Level: Basic Beginner

Media Type Shipped Product

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